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New Website Coming Soon!

Posted on May 31 by Kaitlyn @ 10:16 am |2 comments

You heard right, I’ve been working on a new website for you all. I want “another fresh” start, but it was more so the site name. Don’t get me wrong I love the name everafter its just the 3 in the url that has been driving me crazy ! I want a site name that is going to be easy to remember, and of course the name needs to look good in everything I make. You don’t need worry all content from this website will be moving to the new website. With the new website coming, I will NOT be working on any more updates for everaft3r. Hope you all are excited for the new site !

Open Hiatus

Posted on Apr 16 by Kaitlyn @ 11:13 am |1 comment

Well its a month since I last made a post so I thought I do a small little update. I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter, I went over to my mother – in – laws house for supper last night for dinner. She honestly makes way to much food for just six people! Like you don’t need a turkey, ham perogies, mashed potatoes, stuffing, caesar salad, broccoli salad, carrots, gravy. We could have just had half of that and be totally fine! I appreciate it but that’s a ton of work just to feed six people. Today I’m headed to my parents for a pot luck. My mom is watching my aunts dog for the weekend, so Basil and him will get to play (they are half siblings). Any ways, the main reason for this post, is to let you all know that I will be leaving my site on an open hiatus for a little while, so there will be no updates for awhile. My time seems to be consumed with just updating this site. I have a lot of projects on the go that I would like to get finished before anything else. I would like to update my hosting website Sugar Kiss and actually officially open it after a year. I’m also wanting to create a home binder and get all my paper in order, I tired of it being all over the place, and having to look a million place for it. Not to mention that its tax time, so now I’m going to have to pick up a could extra shifts to pay some of my taxes back, as I don’t want to have to take the money from my down payment contribution. So once I’m back I’ll have a brand new layout, and a ton of more updates! If there is anything that you would like too see just leave me a comment. I will be checking my comment box messages for sure once a week. So comment away !

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