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Breathe In, Breathe Out

Posted on Feb 5 by Kaitlyn @ 12:46 am | 3 Comments

As you may already notice everaft3r is finally open, and I can finally breathe out! Pretty much to sum it up of why it took so long was the layout. I had one layout designed, and boom I didn’t like how it looked when it was being coded, so I ditched that one and started over with this one. Then I just couldn’t get the style sheet to look good, so I had Shanna help me with it. So a huge thanks to her. On the other note, updates will be coming regularly. I have the next batch just about ready to be posted. I’m hoping to get my old tutorials up before the end of the month. Well I’m off to bed/binge watch Bones. Oh and if there are any broken links please let me know in the cbox or comment on this post. See you all later !