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Creating Circle Brushes


Difficulty: Easy
Class: Photoshop

Date Posted: February 20th 2017
Comments: Please don’t forget to credit everaft3r.net,
please do not redistribute my tutorial.

Materials Needed

•All materials needed for this tutorial come standard on all factory setting of photo shop.

Final Product

Step One

Before we start off this tutorial, you are going to need to come up with a theme, my theme for is going to be Grey’s Anatomy. Now you are going to start off by creating a new document. My document is going to be 400 x 400 pixels.

Step Two

Grab your brush tool on your side tool bar. Now go up to your brush tool bar at the top and select a circle brush, and set it to size 40px (you can use any size you would like) and set the brush color to black. ( #00000 )

Step Three

Using the brush tool you are going to click once on your new document to create circles. You can use as many as you would like to go with your theme, I’ll be using six circles. Your document should look like this now

Step Four

Grab your text tool on your side tool bar. Now go up to your text tool bar at the top (same spot where the brush tool bar was) and pick your font. I’ll be using the font Porkys You can find the font here and using the color white. Add your text that goes along with your theme, and add it to the circles You might have to play with the font size, and kerning the text. To learn how to kern the text follow this tutorial. Now your done, your brushes should look something like this.

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